AUY stock trade 5/24/13

The first purchase I did was 40 shares of AUY at $10.68 per share. Yamana Gold Inc. is a gold producer, the gold has been down for a while and i was hoping to catch a little profit taking from the short sellers and ride the stock up a bit. But that didnt happen and after holding the stock for a fiew days I sold it for $10.54. Lost $5.60 and $16 in trading fees.
Total loss $21.60

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Here I go

Well, this first post and first week is going to be kind of short and to the point.

I am hoping to do 3 different things with this.

First thing is to do short term stock trading with investments being day to a week long. Second, is to invest in stocks medium to long term anywhere from 1 to 6 months. Last to help my parents retire by investing their IRA retirement fund and helping out with my dads 401K plan.

I just opened up an account with scottrade and deposited 500 bucks into it, which is minimum required.

Also I started to put a little bit of my dads retirement cash into the stock market as well.

I am using 2 totaly different aproaches.

For my self I am putting my cash into more riskier, short term investments, but for my parents, I am putting their money into longer term more resilient to the changes in the economy investments, and some medium term ones just cause they dont have much before its time to retire.

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